Wireless Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is becoming a necessity for any public security system. But deploying video surveillance systems is often considered a costly and time consuming process due to the difficulties of construction and installing the wired infrastructure to bring the video back to the monitoring and recording center. The high cost of deploying wired infrastructures makes wireless the perfect solution to provide connectivity. Amedia’s WiVi Technology together with our TS Repeater technology is the ideal solution to deploy surveillance cameras in a cost effective manner without having to sacrifice on image quality.


  • Low cost to deploy and easy to maintain

  • Real-time video monitoring and camera PTZ control

  • Expandable networking topologies supporting range from 1 km to over 100 km.

  • Reliable and flexible

  • Field proven technology


  • Municipal & rural video surveillance

  • Transportation & highway surveillance

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Forest monitoring & fire detection

  • Other industrial applications

Showcase: Public Security System in Daxing District, Beijing, China


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