Digital Wireless Video/Audio Sender & Receiver

Powered by Amedia’s WiVi Technology, the vStar digital media adapter delivers video and audio signals wirelessly over distance while maintaining their original quality. It enables a robust wireless connection between video/audio sources (DVD, DVR, STB, camera, etc.) and a video/audio display (TV, flat panel or video monitor).


  • Plug and play with most of the A/V devices. No hassle for software and network setting
  • Integrated on-board antennas
  • Built-in IR receiver to remotely control A/V sources with your own remote control
  • Certified by FCC (FCC ID: U8B-DMA3-1L) and Industry Canada (IC: 7105A-DMA31L)


  • Digital wireless technology using 5 GHz radio spectrum - supports 4.9 to 5.9 GHz
  • Whole home coverage with advanced antenna diversity technology - 250 feet through walls
  • No interference from other wireless devices - Dynamic Frequency Selection over 5 GHz band
  • Synchronous TDMA network to guarantee QoS - truly real time and jitterless
  • Supports point-to-point video connection with full QoS
  • Multiple pairing technology allows one Sender to pair with multiple Receiver
  • Supports point-to-multipoint A/V broadcasting
  • Close-loop power control to minimize power consumption and friendly with 5GHz WLAN 
  • Hardware encryption for network security with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Built-in IR receiver allows remote control A/V sources
  • MPEG-2 standard video compression and decompression
  • Auto detection of NTSC and PAL


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